Beyond Commencement: What Does a High School Diploma Mean?

Business Roundtable Vice President, Dane Linn, discusses the importance of arming recent graduate with the right foundational skills needed to start their careers. READ MORE


NIMS Adopts Common Employability Skills (CES) Across Credentialing Programs

The NIMS Board of Directors recently passed a resolution that establishes the National Network's CES as the foundational skills framework for all NIMS career pathways, credentials and training programs. READ MORE


Identifying competencies and promoting credentials that lead to work

Transparent information about what students and workers really need to succeed in the workplace will improve results, learning efficiency and career outcomes.


Creating more work-and-learn opportunities across the economy

On-the-job experiences harness the power of learning through work. Using models such as internships, apprenticeships, mentoring and job shadowing, employers can improve their workforce, while workers build the skills they need to succeed.

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