New Online Resume Generator is Changing HR in Manufacturing

Employers have long struggled to recruit workers with the skills and competencies necessary for hard-to-fill jobs. NIMS released a new online Resume Generator tool to help employers do just this. READ MORE


Get the Download: Common IT Skills for All

The National Network is building on its efforts to define and communicate the core skills needed in today’s workplaces – this time looking to the always hot IT sector. READ MORE


Identifying competencies and promoting credentials that lead to work

In the modern economy, students and workers need to understand the knowledge, skills, abilities, behaviors and credentials that lead to career success.


Creating more work-and-learn opportunities across the economy

On-the-job experiences harness the power of learning through work. Using models such as internships, apprenticeships, mentoring and job shadowing, employers can improve their workforce, while workers build the skills they need to succeed.


Encouraging more employers to use competency-based hiring practices

Employers overlook qualified talent by recruiting, screening and hiring based on degrees or years of experience. We know they can do better by valuing the knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviors candidates bring to bear.

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