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Home Builders Institute Connects Troops to Careers

Partnerships are critical for the success of any business, particularly nonprofits such as Home Builders Institute (HBI). HBI relies on partners for training space, funding and connections to potential partners. The truth is, HBI could not do its work without its partners. Our commitment as a member of the National Network is a terrific example of how we work with other groups to connect with potential partners to serve our students across the country better.

Another example is our important relationship with the Soldier for Life (SFL) program, which began almost five years ago when HBI was looking to start training transitioning military members and prepare them for careers in the building industry. Soldier for Life is a program of the United States Army, which “networks with the community at large to shape education, employment, and health policies, programs and/or services on behalf of our Soldiers, Army Veterans and their Families.”

Our first program at a military installation began at Fort Stewart in Georgia in 2015. When we launched the HBI program at Fort Stewart, we immediately looked to the Soldier for Life team to work with us to become a Career Skills Provider.

The success of our program at Fort Stewart, and subsequently at five additional military installations in 2018, has been dependent on the wonderful collaboration we have with Soldier for Life. Time and time again, SFL has been supportive of our endeavors to grow our training outreach efforts. Today, in addition to Fort Stewart, HBI has transitioning military programs at Fort Bliss, TX; Fort Bragg, NC; Naval Air Station Jacksonville, FL; Fort Carson, CO; and Fort Hood, TX.

Last year, HBI selected the Soldier for Life program as its Government Service Award recipient. In a ceremony held at the National Housing Center in Washington, D.C. this fall, HBI presented SFL with the award, which recognizes the accomplishments of a government entity that has significantly addressed the needs of their constituents. By working with HBI to advance and provide education, career development, training and placement of men and women serving the building industry, SFL has demonstrated not only its commitment to our work, but also to the soldiers and family members it serves. Their work is captured in this video.

HBI and SFL have demonstrated a successful collaboration. Together, we are addressing employment gaps, increasing visibility among military and civilian sectors and coordinating with employers to hire veterans. We are excited about the future of our collaboration.