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National Network Releases Occupational Profiles For In-Demand Jobs

Burning Glass analysis is next step in competency-based hiring

To better enable employers to identify potential job candidates for difficult-to-fill jobs, The National Network of Business and Industry Associations today released occupational profiles that clearly articulate the necessary skills and experiences job candidates need to succeed in in-demand jobs.

Employers can use the new profiles, which were developed by Burning Glass for the National Network, to establish more accurate indicators for assessing suitability of applicants and create optimized job postings that promise to cut hiring costs and time needed to recruit qualified workers.

“Rather than relying solely on college degrees to serve as a proxy for job candidates’ skills and abilities, employers now have a tool to gauge specific competencies that translate to job success,” said Dane Linn, vice president at Business Roundtable, which leads the National Network. “Our 22 member associations are working to change the way employers recruit talent, align training programs to the needs of employers and encourage job seekers to pursue credentials that lead to career paths. These job profiles are a step in that direction.”

The new analysis includes 52 occupational profiles of the most in-demand jobs from across 17 of the National Network’s member industry associations. Included in the profiles are specific data points that employers can use to build competency-based job descriptions, helping hiring managers communicate more effectively to job seekers, educational institutions and training providers about the competencies they need to fill vacant positions. The profiles for each occupation identify:

  • Skills and certifications most valued by employers of the occupation
  • Skills and competencies to emphasize in job descriptions
  • Education and skill requirements that increase difficulty in filling a position in the occupation
  • Alternative markets for sourcing talent to find qualified candidates

“Businesses in every sector represented in the National Network have a new tool that leverages cutting edge, real-time data to reach a wider talent pool and change hiring approaches, resulting in better matches, increased retention and greater productivity,” said Maureen Lambe, executive vice president, National Apartment Association Education Institute and Chair of the National Network’s Task Force on Hiring for Competency.

“Employers across all sectors of the economy are looking for employees with specific competencies, as well as common employability skills like teamwork and problem solving,” said Jim Wall, executive director, National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS). “Now employers have the means to articulate these skills in job postings, creating better clarity and efficiency in the job market.”

To access the downloadable job profiles, visit: Hiring for Competency