HBI’s Five Steps of Service

Connecting diverse talent to a bright future in the building industry

Model Summary

The Home Builders Institute’s (HBI) Five Steps of Service is an “open entry, skilled exit” work-and-learn model that supports individuals at every stage of the employment continuum in the building industry. The Five Steps represent essential strategies for connecting talent to good jobs: Connect, Assess, Train, Certify and Place.

With a focus on underserved youth, transitioning military members, veterans, secondary school students, displaced workers and justice-involved youth and adults, HBI delivers technical and employability skills training combined with basic academics, moving hard-to-serve populations into high-growth construction careers.

Key Elements of the Model

  • Connecting with underserved populations
  • Assessing skills and potential
  • Training through hands-on learning
  • Certifying skills to industry standards
  • Placing the “right-fit” candidate in the right job