Communications Training in Healthcare

Digital Training Modules Prepare and Screen Talent

In furtherance of its efforts related to apprenticeship, the AHIMA Foundation has also developed a digital communications skills training module to aid students and workers pursuing careers in health information and other fields gain critical communication skills. These skills are among the “people skills” articulated in the National Network’s Common Employability Skills framework as fundamental to an employee’s success in the workplace. The project also developed a common language to teach communication skills that can be adopted by and used in the delivery of training in other economic sectors. The module includes critical skills such as: demonstrating sensitivity and empathy; listening to and considering others’ viewpoints; recognizing and interpreting verbal and nonverbal behavior of others; and, speaking clearly in precise language and in a logical, organized, and coherent manner.

Career Readiness Resources Center

The AHIMA Foundation, charitable affiliate of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), developed a series of videos for a virtual Professional Practice Experience to assist in exposing Health Information Management (HIM) students to career opportunities and professional roles. In addition to these, AHIMA and the AHIMA Foundation have a number of career readiness resources available for students, including a Virtual Lab (VLab), and updated Health information Career Map  which reflects current industry roles, and associated competencies and skills.