Easing the Transition from the Workplace to the Classroom

Career and technical education in the automotive field is in high demand, but finding instructors can be a challenge. That’s why the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), with support from a National Network grant, is working to help instructors and automotive technicians interested in transitioning to the classroom with an updated online training guide.

The Instructor Guide, brought to you by the ASE Education Foundation, is designed to help both new and veteran instructors acquire the skills they need to properly prepare their students and ensure their training programs meet industry standards.

The guide is a self-paced, e-learning program with quick and illustrative “how-to” references. The modules include: Lesson Planning, Delivery, Classroom Management, Lab Management, Assessment, Advisory Councils, Student Placement, Outreach and Resources.

The New Instructor Guide includes short video segments outlining best practices, tips and techniques and a live action advisory committee meeting.

Additional resources include:

  • The Advisory Committee module, which covers how to organize the meetings and acquire needed input and maintain support from local industry, which is critical to success.
  • The Student Placement section, which covers key factors to consider in placing students in the workplace. It reviews the roles and expectations of the instructor, the business and the student.

For current and aspiring automotive instructors, The Instructor Guide is an invaluable tool. It offers a free, self-paced program and can be used to assist with onboarding new entrants and to refresh existing instructors.