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Online Resume Generator Tool

NIMS Online Resume Generator Tool

The National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) released a new tool to assist students and job seekers in building quality professional resumes that will help them market their technical skill sets directly to employers while helping employers better screen for and hire candidates for in-demand jobs.   The new resumes show employers the specific skills and competencies the candidate has based on the industry-recognized NIMS credentials they have earned.

NIMS worked with fellow Network-member, the American Health Information Management Association Foundation, to design digital resume generator models that could accommodate any industry-recognized credential and could be used in any economic sector. With the support of the National Network, the technology and design process is ready for replication by credentialing bodies and associations in other sectors.

The NIMS Resume Generator includes a step-by-step guide that walks users through creating a robust professional portfolio built around the specific knowledge, skills and abilities they have acquired through their NIMS credentials. The tool also includes customizable features for displaying educational and job experience, common employability skills, and veteran and/or military status. The tool also represents a new model for the modern resume, prioritizing validated employability and technical skills over more traditional resume elements like educational institutions and years of experience.

See how the tool works here.

NIMS credential holders can start building their resume at