CEWD Delivers a Workforce Solution

To help the energy industry build a diverse, qualified energy workforce pipeline, the Center for Energy Workforce Development (CEWD) has partnered with TCI Solutions to institute a new, portable, energy industry credential to prepare students for a variety of energy career pathways. Thanks in part to a National Network Innovation Grant, that work is moving forward rapidly.

It all starts with the Legacy I³ Model, which TCI Solutions designed to raise awareness of career opportunities in the energy sector among students in a particular geographic area. The program also helps students adopt the skills and qualities that will make them high-quality job candidates for the industry.

Now, students who complete the Legacy I³ program and meet the assessment requirements for the energy industry version of the Legacy I³ Model are eligible to earn the CEWD Legacy I³ Energy Industry Credential recognizing their achievements to present to potential employers.

“We will start implementing the CEWD Legacy I³ Energy Industry Credential this fall with high school seniors in at least a couple of locations,” said Ann Randazzo, Executive Director of CEWD. “We wouldn’t have been able to do this without the generous support from the National Network to help us lay the groundwork.”

The CEWD Legacy I³ Energy Industry Credential addresses all of the competencies in Tiers 1-5 of the Energy Industry Competency Model, which includes the National Network-developed Common Employability Skills.

CEWD has developed two resources that it believes will be helpful to other National Network members and organizations developing cutting-edge training programs. The first is the Program Management Guide for implementing this new credential, which is a certificate program.

The second document is the certificate’s Student Handbook. This was developed to show Legacy I³ students how to use and promote their new credential once they have earned it.

For employers and potential employees across the energy sector, this new program provides a powerful boost to better connect qualified people to promising careers in a thriving industry.