Improving Accreditation in Automotive Training Programs

New E-Learning-based Training will Ensure Automotive Programs Meet Industry Standards

The National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) accredits programs that teach auto, truck and collision repair service technology at high schools and community colleges.  The accredentiation consists of both self-evaluation and on-site evaluation conducted by a NATEF-training evaluation team leader (ETL).  To ensure greater consistency, objectivity and adherence to the NATEF program standards for accreditation, NATEF updated the training delivered to instructors who wish to become Evaluation Team Leaders (ETLs).

The new training will provide the 2300 automotive service technology training programs nationwide with more effectively trained ETLs, who will, in turn, ensure the training program meets industry standards. The new training is sustainable and scalable, leveraging modern design and development strategies, and consists of a one-day live training event using facilitator guides, presentation decks and participant guides.