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Ready to Build? The State of Skills in the Infrastructure Workforce
Ready to Build?
The State of Skills in the Infrastructure Workforce

Quality Assurance for Certifications
Commentary on how to ensure high quality, industry-recognized certifications and apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships for the Modern World
A compendium of industry-lead work-and-learn programs highlighting what modern apprenticeships should look like today.

Registered Apprenticeship Challenges and Solutions
How to fix the current Registered Apprenticeship System and optimize apprenticeship for the modern economy.

Common IT Employability Skills

A framework of the most in-demand IT skills needed across technology-driven industries and a roadmap for learning providers, students and workers.

Work and Learn In Action: Successful Strategies for Employers

15 real-life models, providing a blueprint to help companies implement similar strategies to close the skills gap.

Common Employability Skills Framework

The foundational skills that all individuals need for current and future jobs, no matter where they work.

Blueprint for Credentials

How to identify and create high quality standards-based industry credentialing programs.

Work and Learn

Defining the attributes of modern business-led work-and-learn models.

Building 21st Century Competency-Based Apprenticeships

Learning While Working: A blueprint to help diverse companies develop competency-based apprenticeships.

Business Case for Hiring Opportunity Youth
A framework to help employers evaluate strategies to recruit, train and hire opportunity youth.

Occupational Profiles
How to build competency-based job descriptions to more effectively fill the economy’s most in-demand jobs.